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Community Supports Program – Labrador-Grenfell Health

Region(s): Western

Category(s): Housing


Alternate Family Care Home Program (AFC): Residential option available to adults with intellectual disabilities who are unable to live independently or reside with family. It is a private residence that is approved by the Regional Health Authority to provide room and board, supervision and personal and social care for up to two unrelated adults with intellectual disabilities.
Individualized Living Arrangements (ILA): Available for adults with an intellectual disability whose complex care needs cannot be met in any other type of living arrangement. The program usually supports one client per home, however there may be situations where the living arrangements are shared by individuals who are able to live together.
Board and Lodging Supplement: A financial service that is available to an adult with psychiatric, physical and/or intellectual disabilities, 18 years of age and older, who resides with relatives or non-relatives.  These adults must be identified as having needs and must require a higher board and lodging rate to live in these arrangements.
Personal Care Homes (PCH): Facility-based, privately owned and operated homes that provide care to adults who are unable to live independently due to social circumstances or disabilities as a result of emotional or physical illness, injury or aging. Labrador-Grenfell Health provides a financial subsidy to residents who meet the eligibility criteria.
St. Anthony: (709)454-3054 Ext 1 or 4
Flower’s Cove: (709)456-2401 Ext 6274
Roddickton: (709)457-2284 Ext 258 or 262

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