Volunteer Week – Terri Hefford

April 18, 2023

Photo of Terri Hefford, with brown and taupe weaving to the right. Title reads Volunteer Appreciation Week. Text reads # weaving us together. The Empower logo is in the lower left corner.

My name is Terri Hefford and I became involved with Empower when I was moving to St. John’s and received assistance from Advocacy Services when looking for transportation for disabled people.

I have volunteered with Empower for 7 years and I am currently on the garden committee.

Volunteering gives me a feeling of enjoyment and happiness in helping others. It makes me forget I’m disabled and in a wheelchair, gives me the opportunity to be independent and boosts my self worth.

In my free time I enjoy playing bocce ball, darts, gardening, crafting and helping others.

If it wasn’t for the staff and members of Empower I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things that I enjoy doing – they make you feel like part of the family!