Volunteer Week – Carole Barron

April 18, 2023

Photo of Carole Barron, with gold and black weaving to the right. Title reads Volunteer Appreciation Week. Text reads # weaving us together. The Empower logo is in the lower left corner.

Hi, my name is Carole Barron and I have volunteered on Empower’s board of directors since 2013.

From a very early age I grew up under the care of my grandmother. She truly believed giving back of oneself is not only good but a most important way to show care and concern for those who need your heartfelt support. Her kernels of wisdom and strength have been and continue to be pillars for my life’s journey. I believe I have volunteered with everything that is near and dear to me because of my “nan”.

When you give because you care and because you feel you may help make a difference- well that is why I volunteer. Not to mention “Empower’s work in our community has truly captured my heart”.