Volunteer Spotlight

April 19, 2024

Photo of Mandy Penney. There are white party lights behind. Title reads National Volunteer Week. The Empower logo is in the lower right corner.

Introducing Mandy Penney! Mandy started volunteering with Empower in fund development in the fall of 2017, then joined the Inclusion Volunteer Crew in the winter of 2018. She started as an employee in 2018, working with InclusionNL in various roles from then until 2023. She joined the Board in August 2023 as the Vice Chair and once again volunteers with the Inclusion Volunteer Crew.

Mandy also volunteers as the Secretary and NL Representative of DAWN Canada and a member of the Hummingbird Feminist Disability Coalition, the Clerk for NewfoundSand Co-op, and a member of the Patient Advisory Council/NL Support.

Mandy says “volunteering has allowed me to demonstrate the skills that I have developed from my education and life experiences as a woman with a disability. I believe that volunteering has provided me with many opportunities. I have developed friendships, as well as gained employment and professional development opportunities. I have developed new skills and interests from volunteering, including accessibility awareness, social justice, entrepreneurship, and feminism. In my free time I enjoy learning new skills, such as coding, working on my business ideas, crafting, spending time with my friends and cat, Tetley.”