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Empower membership is open to individuals who support the principles of Independent Living and the objectives of Empower, the Disability Resource Centre.

To become a member of Empower, please complete this form. Membership is free. Note that any fields marked with a red star must be completed.

To remain a member in good standing and have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting each year, it’s best to renew your membership by March 31.

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As a client-controlled organization, we are committed to having a membership which is at least 51% persons who have disabilities. For that reason, this space is provided should you choose to self-identify as having a disability.

Statement of Support

Independent Living is about having choices, making decisions, taking risks, and taking responsibility. Independent Living is about having control over one's own life.

Independence is not measured by the quality of tasks we can perform without support, but by the quality of life we can have with support.

Mission Statement

Empower is a client controlled organization committed to providing supports, resources and opportunities for empowerment, which enable persons with disabilities to make informed choices about their lives.

Correspondence Format

Empower uses email as its primary form of correspondence. We also provide alternative formats as listed below. Please select one:

Area of Involvement

Are you interested in volunteering with Empower? If so, please check the area you would like to get involved with:

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