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Volunteers play a crucial role in many organizations, and we have a large pool of people willing to help you right now. Contact us to find out how our consumers can get involved with your organization or business.

Have you struggled to find and retain volunteers in the past? Has it been difficult to find volunteers who have the skills you are looking for? Are you having trouble finding the time to recruit and train volunteers? If this sounds like you, we may have a solution.

Contact us now and we will partner with you in your search for volunteers. Thanks to our large pool of potential volunteers with varying skills and abilities, we may have the right fit for you. Not only that, we will also work with you and the volunteer to ensure a placement that works for everyone.

If you would like more information about finding volunteers for your organization, please contact:

Amanda Lush
Peer Support & Volunteer Coordinator
T:  722-4031 ext 215
TF: 866-722-4031
Email: amanda@empowernl.ca

72% higher staff retention for people with disabilities.

A recent study found that employers had better staff retention when hiring people with disabilities.

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