Volunteer Services

An invaluable resource

With any organization, volunteers play an important role in ensuring programs and services are offered and the needs of those who use them are met in the best manner possible.

Benefits for the Organization

Volunteers are a valuable asset to many groups and organizations. They provide experience, insight, and skills that a workplace may lack, and they also offer relief for busy staff members. Not only that, volunteers also provide a stable and skilled labour pool for new and growing organizations.

Benefits for the Volunteer

Volunteering can be a very rewarding experience, and one that continues to offer benefits for years to come. There are also many other reasons why people choose to volunteer; whether it’s to develop new skills or to up date old ones, get involved with the community, gain experience to complement career goals, or perhaps an education program requirement, volunteering has many rewards.

At Empower, we want to ensure that you get the most from your volunteer experience. As such, we offer multiple options under the volunteer services program. A person can volunteer with us, can be connected with a volunteer opportunity in their community, or find a volunteer to work within their group or organization.

If you have any further questions about volunteerism, check out our FAQ page.

14% of Canadians have a disability.

According to Stats Canada, a large percentage of the population identifies as having a disability.

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