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At times, the needs of someone may go beyond the peer support groups we offer at Empower. In these cases, we encourage people to find a group that works for them within the community. As well, we are able to provide support to ensure that this group is accommodating.

Persons with disabilities are often eager to learn and share what they know. However, we have seen a trend where persons with disabilities are not seeking peer support opportunities outside of the disability organizations they are connected to. There may be many reasons for this, including a fear of not being accommodated, not being understood in an unfamiliar environment, or not having other problems taken seriously because of their disability.

If you are interested in finding a peer support group, the Peer Support Coordinator will work with you to identify your needs, find a group that is a good fit for you, and support you in communicating your needs as a group member. We will help you work past any fears, reservations, or barriers you may face. Breaking down these barriers will ensure that you can share the valuable experience you have, learn from the experience of others, and build relationships in the community with confidence.

20% of Canadians have a psychological disability.

This highlights the fact that not all disabilities are visible. As well, a large number of people can go through their daily lives without those around them noticing they have a disability.

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