IL Internship

Getting involved in change

Empower’s Internship Program provides an opportunity for people with disabilities to be involved in their communities. It offers the opportunities for interns to increase their own independent living skills and help increase the awareness of independent living across the province. The program supports interns in overcoming barriers, developing career-related knowledge, developing risk assessment skills, and developing employment skills.

Interns are hired in different regions of the province and participate in business and community work placements within their community. Partnerships are developed between the Centre and various individuals, community organizations, and government departments. Through these partnerships, we can promote the independent living philosophy, and the inclusion of persons with disabilities.

In addition to their work building skills and promoting inclusion, the IL Interns are available to help other members of the community. They can provide workshops on inclusion, independent living, and other topics related to disability awareness. As well, they can connect people with services and resources accessible to persons with disabilities.

For additional information about interns available in your community, or if you are interested in becoming an intern, contact the IL Manager.

T: 709-722-4031 ext 203
TF: 866-722-4031
Email: penny@empowernl.ca

14% of Canadians have a disability.

According to Stats Canada, a large percentage of the population identifies as having a disability.

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