Advocacy Services

Promoting personal advocacy

With a focus on empowering the people to do their own advocacy, we help people build their own skills and determine their own approach to solve the problems they face. Through this approach, we help each one find their own voice.

The number of barriers to accessing services can sometimes be great, particularly for people with disabilities. The Advocacy Skills program is available to support people as they navigate through different systems and advocate for themselves.

At Empower, we want to encourage independent living by helping people build their own skills and develop their own approach to the problems they may face.

Some of the skills that are important for living an independent life and advocating as a person with disabilities are:

  • Knowing what you want and need
  • Prioritizing issues
  • Knowing your rights
  • Communicating well
  • Problem solving
  • Knowing how to assert yourself

We help people find information and connect them to the resources and services that can assist them. We provide support as they sort through information, we listen and ask questions as they decide what action is best for them. We help people focus on what they know and want, rather than what others think is best for them.

As we work with people, we support them while they learn and strengthen the skills needed for advocacy. Our goal is to guide people in making informed choices based on their experiences and what they want. By doing this, we help empower people with disabilities in being their own advocates with their own voices.

15% of the world identifies as having a disability.

Thus, persons with disabilities are the world’s largest minority. As well, over 14% of Canadians have a disability.

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