Community Access Program (CAP)

Opening digital doors

Continuing from the original joint initiative with various levels of government, our CAP program allows our consumers to utilize computers and access the Internet either with the help of our staff or on their own.


Empower’s Community Access Program (CAP) room started as a part of the a joint initiative between the federal and provincial governments to provide computer and internet access to people in communities across Newfoundland and Labrador.


Part of our Technology Program, the CAP room offers skill development services and offers many types of equipment. You are welcome to drop-in to use any of our computers and can receive one-on-one support to learn new computer and technology skills.

The CAP room is also the home of our Adaptive Technology Intern, whose role is to promote accessibility awareness and support people in using adaptive technology and computer use. Additionally, we sometimes have volunteers available in the CAP room to provide additional computer support.

If you have skills or knowledge that you believe would be valuable to CAP room users, feel free to check out our Volunteer Services page.

97% of workers with a disability have great safety records.

In a workplace study, it was found that those with a disability had comparable or better safety records than their co-workers.

Providing information about publicly accessible places in NL
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