Adaptive Technology (AT) Program

Providing options for access

Along with our AT Internship and our CAP program, our AT program provides a wide variety of hardware and software options to allow access to both computers and the Internet for many disabilities.

The Adaptive Technology (AT) program is designed to promote awareness of AT, and educate people on its use. Through this program, people who experience barriers to technology can find a software program or piece of hardware that can make things more accessible for them.

If you are not sure what you need, come speak to us. We can help you explore a variety of options; from software programs, to hardware devices, to mobile app solutions. Some of our available options include:


  • A large, touch-screen monitor
  • Many types of keyboards:
    • Standard QWERTY keyboards
    • Braille keyboard
    • BigKeys keyboard (with key guard)
    • Alphabetical (ABC) keyboard
    • A one-handed keyboard
    • New Standards keyboard
  • Headsets
  • Black and white laser printer
  • Height adjustable workstations
  • Many types of mice:
    • Standard three-button mice
    • Two trackball mice
    • Two in-hand mice
    • Roller mouse
    • Touch pad
    • Jouse 2 joystick mouse
  • Scanner
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Braille embosser
  • Livescribe Pulse Smart Pen

Listening Devices

  • Pocket Talker Pro
  • Oticon Amigo FM System
  • William Sound Touring System


  • JAWS (a screen reading program)
  • Kurzweil 3000 (scanning, reading, and writing program)
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (voice recognition software)
  • ZoomText (screen magnifier)
  • WordQ/SpeakQ (word prediction)
  • Key To Access (reading/writing)
  • SymWriter (writing program)
  • Read & Write Gold (text processing, scan/read/write)

Adaptive technology in our CAP room is available for you to try at anytime during our hours of operation. If you’re new to AT and would like a general tour or specific individual support, we recommend calling to set-up a time with the AT Coordinator Jim Escott.

T: 722-4031 ext 212
TF: 866-722-4031

Email: jim@empowernl.ca

14% of Canadians have a disability.

According to Stats Canada, a large percentage of the population identifies as having a disability.

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