Meeting the challenge of an inclusive future

In carrying out its mandate, Empower is continuously called upon to respond to changing needs in the community. With increased awareness and emphasis on inclusion in the workplace and the community at large, more and more individuals and groups are looking to Empower for direction and guidance in all matters concerning people with disabilities.

People with disabilities in our province continue to face many challenges to full participation and inclusion in our society. These challenges include:

  • High rates of unemployment
  • Higher rates of poverty
  • Limited access to housing and housing supports
  • Limited access to transportation, adaptive technology, and supportive services

According to Statistics Canada, more than 75,000 (14%) Newfoundlanders and Labradorians currently self identify as people with disabilities. With our aging population, it is predicted that this percentage will grow to 113,000 (21%) by the year 2023.

Reference 2001, 2006 PALS: 2013, 2023 Empower Forecast.

90% of Canadians know at least one person with a disability.

A recent survey conducted by Pollara on behalf of BMO found that most people within Canada know someone with a disability.

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