Top 10 Facts

Promoting inclusion through education

There are many common myths about disabilities and those people who have them, and dispelling these myths is one of the first steps towards creating a province that is more inclusive of the people who call it home.

  1. 15% of the world identifies as having a disability.

    Thus, persons with disabilities are the world’s largest minority. As well, over 14% of Canadians have a disability.

  2. 20% of Canadians have a psychological disability.

    This highlights the fact that not all disabilities are visible. As well, a large number of people can go through their daily lives without those around them noticing they have a disability.

  3. 72% higher staff retention for people with disabilities.

    A recent study found that employers had better staff retention when hiring people with disabilities.

  4. 90% of people with disabilities perform as well or better.

    Research into the workplace integration of people with disabilities found they performed similar to their co-workers.

  5. 86% of people with a disability have great attendance.

    When compared to non-disabled co-workers, the majority of those with a disability had similar or better attendance.

  6. 97% of workers with a disability have great safety records.

    In a workplace study, it was found that those with a disability had comparable or better safety records than their co-workers.

  7. 90% of Canadians know at least one person with a disability.

    A recent survey conducted by Pollara on behalf of BMO found that most people within Canada know someone with a disability.

  8. 14% of Canadians have a disability.

    According to Stats Canada, a large percentage of the population identifies as having a disability.

  9. 6% of Canadians ages 25 to 34 have a disability.

    In a study undertaken by Stats Canada, a number of people within this key workplace demographic had a disability.

  10. 70% of businesses are not hiring people with disabilities.

    A BMO survey conducted by Pollara found that the majority of small businesses are missing out by not hiring those with disabilities.